Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some Trust in Chariots and Some in Horses...

... but I trust in the Department of Transportation.

Some of you may recognize the first part - a reference to Psalm 20:7. The ending should read, "but we trust in the name of the Lord our God." This time of year, though, I sometimes forget that.

I hate driving in the winter. I blame it on one accident many years ago on icy roads one night when I was driving to class for graduate school. Ever since then, I grit my teeth through the winter months, wishing away the snow and ice, waiting for the return of spring temperatures. Part of the issue is that I now live far enough "south" that we get more ice than we did in Wisconsin where I grew up. I hate driving on that stuff. The anxiety leads to tense muscles and a short temper.

A couple years ago, I noticed my growing fondness for the DOT trucks I would see out and about bearing their gift of salt and sand. I would cheer inside when I saw them, thinking, "Now, it will be safe." I realized, though, that I was placing entirely too much trust in salt and sand and road temperatures and those large yellow trucks. They bring no guarantee of safety. Instead I remind myself that my trust in the Lord is far better placed than my trust in the Department of Transportation.... although I do pray a prayer of blessing and protection on those plow drivers whenever I see them!

Safe driving this winter season!

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