Saturday, March 20, 2010

Best Holiday Ever

My favorite holiday of the year is just around the corner - Easter.

I love it. I love that it is all about spring - new beginnings, tulips, sunshine, warmer weather.

I love the treats - Reese's Eggs. Need I say more?

I love the traditions - egg hunts, new clothes, singing Christ the Lord is Risen Today

I love the images - the disciples gathered, a thief forgiven, feet washed and bread broken.

I love the spiritual message of resurrection - death defeated, second chances, grace and forgiveness.

Christmas is great, sure. Jesus, coming as a baby. Joy to the World. Sharing gifts. I enjoy it, but for me it pales in comparison to Easter. Sure, if not for Christmas, there would be no Easter, but, Jesus' arrival, while miraculous, doesn't have the same punch as his departure. 

So, what Spring holiday is your favorite? Why?

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