Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Career Day

We had "Career Day" at school last week in honor of Labor Day. I went as a librarian. I even got to get a picture with one of the aspiring librarians at school, which was a treat for me.

Sometimes I think about going back to school to get some training specifically for this calling in my life. I don't have formal library training and I have only had a handful of education courses. For a couple years now I have had my eye on a master's program in Children's Literature. It just sounds so cool! Children's literature is my passion.

But something else happened last week besides Career Day. I got to watch two of our youngest students work on their first reading assessment of the year. Something just wasn't working when they did it with the whole class, and the teachers didn't have the freedom to sit and watch these two kids test for 20 or 30 minutes. So they came to the library and tested with me. It was fascinating! I loved watching the kids work on each question, listening to them sound things out. The assessment is set up so when the student chooses an answer, it gets highlighted on the screen. One little guy thought that highlighting meant he got it right, so every time it lit up, he said "yes!" and punched his fist. Darling!

It made me wonder what it's like to work closely with students on their reading. It made me wonder what skills I could help with in the library that would support what students and teachers and parents are doing already. Maybe certification in reading would be a better way to take my training rather than Children's Literature.

I'm not in any position to go back to school right now, but while I am waiting for the right time, there's lots to think about.

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