Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Has It Really Been that Long?

Has it really been a month since I posted here? Wow.... That might be a sign that it's time to scale back the blogging. I have had a couple ideas of things to write about but nothing that felt blog-worthy.

I was all ready to explain my absence with "book fair." Lately, it's what I blame for anything that isn't getting done, from laundry and household chores to emails and blogging. Thankfully I read so much I can get ahead in my book blogging at times.

Book fair was a great experience again this year, but it really does consume about 3 weeks of my life. I start planning and reading some of the books that we'll sell about 6 -8 weeks before the fair. In the month right before, I am recruiting and scheduling and confirming volunteers. The fair itself, from set up to tear down covers 10 days. Those tend to be long days at school and then I bring books home in the evenings and over the weekend so I can talk intelligently with kids and parents about the books we are selling. Tearing down the fair is faster than setting it up, but then we have to put the library back together for school on Monday and we have to wrap up all the financials for the event.

By the end of the fair, I'm usually not sleeping well, so when we finally wrap things up, I try to just sleep and take it easy for the weekend. Otherwise I will be useless to my students and colleagues on Monday. And I have learned to schedule a day off some time during the week following the fair. In my head, this will offset the 10-12 hours days during the book fair, although in reality it probably doesn't do as much for me as the 11 or 12 hours sleep I get the first night after we close the fair.

So, the fall fair is complete. We'll do another in the spring, but I'm going to try not to think about that until January!

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