Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Twitter Love

I tried twitter awhile back. 


I couldn't keep up with everything and didn't know what to tweet. So, I avoided twitter for awhile. Facebook was enough social media for me. I could post links, notes,pictures, status updates, etc. Why would I need Twitter?

My husband, on the other hand LOVES twitter. (@ccqscott) He follows all sorts of NFL folks. Football is his hobby. He gets tweets from football players and even had his blog noticed by the folks at NFLLockout for this blog entry. He sorts the people he follows into lists so he can track TV things (@HumanTargetFOX, @TheDailyShow, @DuleHill, @ZacharyLevi), sports (like my personal favorite @aaronrodgers12), and friends.

This past week, I cleaned out my twitter account and started tweeting again to see if I could kickstart my account (@justjaymied). 

I love it. I had no idea I could enjoy Twitter. I think it helps that so many sites have "tweet" buttons now. It makes it easy to share articles and other tweets that I find interesting or amusing (I was one of the hundreds of thousands who followed @BronxZoosCobra).

I haven't done much direct tweeting at others, or many original posts, but I love sharing things with my "followers" that I find online. There is SOOO much information on the web that no one could possibly keep up with it all. Tweeting interesting things I find in the areas of books, writing, and life in general might help someone else find something fun or interesting or encouraging.

I never expected to love twitter - sometimes I even like it more than Facebook.

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