Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Really, God?"

A couple weeks ago at church, the pastor talked about the disciples who talked to Jesus on the road to Emmaus. As they walked, Jesus prompted them to tell him "what things" were on their minds from the events leading up to that moment. Our pastor said, "It is good for us to tell God things" - things that matter to us, things we tell someone when we want to be in relationship with them, things we might not be free of until we tell God.

He said, "God has made me better in the telling."

Last summer, after several weeks in my childhood home taking care of my father's estate, I was finally home for awhile. I was finally getting to recharge after months of difficult moments. Then the phone rang. A major storm had blown through my hometown and had taken out two significant trees on my dad's property, causing damage to the garage and a neighbor's home.

I believe my first response was "Really, God? Are You serious? After everything else, was this really necessary?" I ranted and raved in my journal (the one truly safe place I had to vent) for an hour detailing the unfairness of it all. Once I had poured all that ugliness out, I felt worlds better.

I always told my Sunday school kids that God was big enough for any question or frustration or heart-ache they had. And those words came from experience. This sermon was a great reminder of that truth. Maybe Jesus is asking you, "What things" are on your mind and heart today. He can handle anything you have to say.

May you be better in the telling.

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