Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Break Productivity

Over spring break, I felt like I should have been productive, but I really just wanted to rest. This became most clear to me on Wednesday of break.

Monday and Tuesday we had to spend time at school wrapping up the book fair, so Wednesday we planned a day for my son to hang out with three of his buddies. The major question for the day was what should I do while they took over the family areas of the house?

I grabbed my piles of magazines that hadn't been read, a tote bag full of books I wanted to read over break, and other paperwork that I needed to get done. I piled it all on the bed...

And then promptly ignored it.

I watched episodes of Pysch on DVD ALL day. It was glorious! I was able to check on the boys every hour or so, made them lunch, and supervised clean up, but otherwise I could leave them alone to do their own thing. And I did my own thing with only a slight twinge of guilt for not being productive.

I have to be intentional about just resting. That is what this whole "savor" year is about. I'm glad I spent that day doing nothing.

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