Thursday, November 1, 2012

God Sighting

As I was sitting down in my pew on Sunday, I heard snatches of a conversation a friend was having with the couple who sits behind our family. As the conversation wrapped up, the woman said my friend was a "God-sighting" for her that day - a moment when she was reminded that God cared about her and was involved in the things going on in her life.

My extraverted nature kicked in and I blurted out, "No pressure!" I think my friend thought I was hassling him, but I wasn't.

Think about that pressure - a God-sighting.

Now, maybe not every person is actively watching for God's hand in his/her life. But some people are. Some people have trained themselves to do it. Others are desperate for it.

Am I open to being that sign of God's hand?
Am I tuned in to the prompting of the Holy Spirit?
Am I looking for ways to reach out to others who might need an encouraging word?

Am I willing to be used by God in a way where people see HIM rather than me?

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