Saturday, March 16, 2013

52 Lists - List the Things You Should be Proud Of

Week three of the 52 Lists project is "List the things you should be proud of." Here are a few things off my list:

  • My work with students - relationships built at school as well as previous work with students/youth
  • The progress I have made in 18 months of a new job
  • The number of new books in the library
  • Connecting readers (all ages) to books they like
  • How I took care of Dad at the end of his life
  • Four years of book blogging - over 850 posts
  • My family
  • Our home

What are you proud of? I especially like this list because I think it is tempting too often to downplay the things we should be proud of because we don't want to be prideful. But it is also a danger to downplay the things we do with the gifts God gives - and then we can't be thankful for them and we can't use them to spur us on to more good and useful work in His name. Embrace your accomplishments - give thanks for them and look for ways to build on them for the good of others.

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