Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Black Hole

A black hole is an area of space where gravity is so strong, nothing can escape. The internet is my black hole. I get sucked into blogs or comparison shopping or craft projects and time just zooms by.

Facebook and Twitter are other factors in my black hole. I have been on Facebook for awhile and I find it is a great way to stay connected with extended family and old friends. Twitter is something new for me and I am still figuring out how it works, but I enjoy reading about internet shopping deals at @coupontweet and different "famous" people like the Jonai (Jonas Brothers) and Christian artists like Steven Curtis Chapman and Mac Powell. Then I have my three blogs to update: Bring on the Books (book reviews), this one, and a new one coming in August, Bring on the Books for Teachers.

It is a good thing we only have one laptop in the house. My husband uses it in the evenings to work on his blog so I don't use it often. If we each had one, we probably wouldn't speak to each other at all - just tweet back and forth about what we were doing on the internet!

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