Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lettering Delights

Generally speaking, I am a traditional scrapbooker (even though I haven't scrapped in awhile). Papers, adhesive, stickers, etc. I have never gotten into digital scrapbooking. But I will use my computer to print "doo dads" for my pages or journalling or titles. Lettering Delights is one of my favorite sources for these sorts of things to add to my pages or use for cards.

Here is a card I made recently for a friend's son who is a HUGE Harry Potter fan for his eleventh birthday.

I used what they used to call a "journalling delight" (now they seem to be part of their "graphic" section). You buy the one you want (which for me is never just one) and install it on your computer. They have their own software to use the materials. I chose the large piece I wanted, added my text and placed it using their software. Then I printed it. Super easy!

[Hey - if you are a Harry Potter fan, check out my other blog, Bring on the Books, where I have been blogging about the series!]

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  1. Hi Jaymie,
    This is Jessica from BookingIt. :-) I'm not much of a scrapbooker but my sister loves to do it and she's really good.
    That's so cool how you made the card!