Saturday, September 12, 2009

Girly Crafts

Here are a few recent discoveries from some of my favorite blogs. I already have plans to make some of these in the very near future!

1. Play makeup without the mess

Doesn't that look beautiful? I think so - so cool and shimmery. Just like make-up should look. But the best part is that little girls can plan without any mess because that is dry nail polish! So cool! My nieces are so going to get some of this play make up someday!

2. Activity Purse

I am already stocking up on composition books to make up a batch of these for the girly-girls in my life! I love the idea that it looks pretty, but it is also functional. I think it would be great for church! The only downside will be for those girly-girls who want a purse to put things in. But for those old enough to love to draw, this could be fabulous!

3. Yummy!

Doesn't that look yummy?! This site has a great recipe for cookies, plus instructions to make these gift jars. She even includes a PDF for the labels. A terrific find!

So, check these sites and crafts out! You might even want to follow the blogs all the time so you can enjoy even more craft ideas! All of these were originally posted at U Create, one of my favorite blogs.

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