Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to Business

Okay, I think I have exhausted all I want to say about Sabbath. Here are some nifty things I have come across recently

Organization - I am always looking for a better way to organize things, and I love office supplies. Right now my torn out magazine pages are overflowing an office file box, awaiting the week I take the time to sort and organize them. But even when that is done, I don't really have anywhere to put them. (I have a 4-drawer file cabinet on the family wish-list!) It is tempting to run out and get some binders (some now qualify for Box Tops!) and sheet protectors and do as this crafter did.

Things like this make me want to quilt. I am not big on Halloween decorations, but the shoes are cute and I bet the pattern could be modified to some classy, girly fabrics.

Bouchercon - the annual mystery convention is coming to Indiana next month. One of my favorite mystery authors posted this on her page. I think there is a day at the convention that includes crafts. I would love to go....

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