Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Estate Sale Moments

Some estate sale moments I won't soon forget:

*The mother and daughter in their short summer dresses contemplating walking the leather loveseat to their home 3 blocks away.
*That same daughter, now in shorts and a tank, sitting on said loveseat in the front yard, guarding the leather furniture while Mom went to rent a UHaul.
*The look on a woman's face when I suggested she was going to have to leave her dog outside.
*The line down to the sidewalk Friday morning, 30 minutes before we started.
*The complete absence of shoppers when we started Saturday morning.
*The brusk, abrasive man who came Saturday and ended up buying every magnet I had on the fridge (which I hadn't planned to put in the sale).
*Sharing stories of loss with a woman who came to the sale both days who had lost her husband last summer.
*That same woman's mother, who lamented her inability to get her walker up to the second floor so she could check out the coffee table that matched the end tables she wanted. Apparently she went on and on about those tables Friday and Saturday so her daughter brought her back and I made her a deal.
*Talking to a woman who worked with my mother when I was a kid.
*The number of people who asked what a Blu-Ray player was.
*The number of people asking if it was my job to run sales like that. (Thankfully, no)

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