Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Divinely Prepared

I recently heard a "sermon" where the speaker talked about different life experiences that prepared him for other experiences later. When he found himself in a job where he felt under-educated and ill-prepared, a mentor reminded him that he had been divinely prepared along the path where God had led him.

He then went on to show our group where we had been divinely led to where we were. Even though some of us were feeling out of our depth, we were right where we were supposed to be. 

The story, the message, and a subsequent video about praying "BIG," were inspiring. For the last few years, as I have enjoyed building relationships with students and watching them grow into adults, and have developed a passion for children's books, I have wondered where these experiences were leading.

These days I find myself in the middle of great adventure. I'm in a job that is challenging in all the right ways. I am acutely aware of all the things I don't know. Some days I feel completely unprepared and under-qualified for the responsibilities I now hold. But I know my life experiences have led me here. I have been divinely prepared for this place, this opportunity. I will learn the things I still need to learn. I will make mistakes - and hopefully learn from them

As the speaker talked, the image in my head was of Jericho (with vegetables for Israelites, but I digress). God had given the Israelites the land. They just had to keep marching.

The opportunity has been given to me - and it is a gift and a great responsibility. It's my job to keep marching - to show up, to put in the planning time, to learn from those who've walked the road before me, and to keep watching for ways God will prepare me for whatever's next.

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