Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Ideas - final

My absolute favorite part of Christmas is putting together (and opening) the stocking. 

As a kid, that was the best part, for me. I always had a new stuffed animal. Then it was full of all sorts of wrapped little goodies. Now, as an adult, we try to follow a Christmas/birthday budget, but the stockings are off-budget. I'm always on the lookout for little treasures I can tuck in. Here are some fun ones I have used.

Small ornaments are always fun to tuck into a stocking. I found this little guy at Target this year.
Small stuffed animals are also fun. 

We usually have candy in our stockings, too. The mint Hershey's miniatures are one of my favorite treats of this season. I also found these "candy sticks" at Hallmark this year - chocolate covered candy canes. Yum!

Finally, gift cards are a GREAT stocking stuffers. But these Lego ones from Target are fantastic! They come with a gift card (you pick your own dollar amount) and a Lego set with instructions for making three figures.

Love, love, love these!

So, what are your holiday ideas? I'd love to hear them.

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