Thursday, May 2, 2013

God Is Good

I have been dealing with some medical things lately involving extra tests and procedures to be sure everything is as it should be.

And when I had enough information to feel like I could tell friends and family that all was fine, I typed up an email. As I wrapped up the information, I expressed our relief that things were good and our gratitude for everyone's support and prayers. Then I started to type, "God is good."

And I paused.

Not because it isn't true, but because it is true. Always. Even if my news had been very different.

I couldn't feel okay about typing "God is good" at the end of our good news because that felt like I was saying God was good because I was okay, because I got the report I wanted. But God is good all the time - in good times and in hard ones, in good news and in devastating news. While I could have typed it and it would have been true, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Some day, the news won't be good, the answers I want won't come.

When that day comes, I hope I can say "God is good."

1 comment:

  1. This is beautiful. I, for one, thank you for not writing that. Not because it's not true, but it does imply something you don't believe to the person who didn't get good news. "God is good..." only to Jaymie? Not to my mom? Nah, God is good. Always. And God grieves with those who get the bad news, celebrates with those who get the good news, and walks with all. Thanks for sharing your compassionate heart with us all.