Thursday, October 1, 2009

For the love of a dad

My son's school had an event a couple weeks ago where they invited the dads to drop the kids off in the morning and come in for a donut. My husband couldn't go, so I took our son and asked a friend to meet us there. My son and our guest had a great time together and I was dismissed fairly early on to visit with other parents and the teachers and then go home.

For awhile, I just stood in the middle of the gym and watched. The energy in the room was different than on a usual morning. I saw kids hanging on dads, laying across dads so they wouldn't leave, dads meeting and visiting with one another. I saw dads wedged into bleacher seats with their children pressed up close to them, surrounded by backpacks and chattering children, staying until the last possible moment.

It was beautiful. Precious. Inspiring.

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