Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Calvinist or Arminian? Which are you?

In the Summer 2009 issue of Leadership Journal, an article referenced "New Calvinism." I have heard of "emergent" and "reformed" groups, though I couldn't really tell you much about either, but I hadn't heard of New Calvinism. It actually was a part of an article in Time Magazine back in the spring about ten ideas changing the world. You can read it here. (And there are plenty of blog posts out there responding to the article if you want to search those out and get some different perspectives.)

Anyway, I can never remember which is Calvinist and which is Arminian, so I did a search and found lots of websites that spell out the differences - and several that will tell you which one is "right." I got curious - what do YOU think? Do you align yourself with the Calvinists or the Arminians? Do you think it matters?

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  1. I like your last question; I don't think my personal opinion really 'matters' as it is a single opinion out of the billions of us that make up the body of Christ. But, since you asked... :)

    I had never heard of Jacobus Arminius, so I was interested to read of this little schism in the Protestant Church. From my understanding of the differences, as I read it, a primary disagreement between Calvinists & Arminians have to do with salvation and how we as humans are able to obtain it. As I attend a Lutheran church, I am tempted to whip out the 'justified by grace through faith alone' card and call it a day. I wonder if there's not more to it than that, however. I do not like Calvin's emphasis on predestination, although it seems at times that the world seems to be a collision course with a destiny beyond any one person or movement's control. I'd still like to think that we retain a sliver of free-will that allows us to make choices that can affect the world's seemingly insurmountable inertia.

    Arminianism seems to leave open a little corner of light for salvation through the means of grace (with or without faith???) and seems to more in line with the Lutheran view that I've really grown comfortable with. So, before my head explodes, I'm going to cast my vote for Arminian. But the door is certainly not closed on this matter, and I want to thank you for challenging my beliefs like you did tonight! :)

    Now is the time to answer the REAL question, which flavor do I prefer, chocolate or vanilla!? :) G'night!