Saturday, September 11, 2010

Inspired by... Choice

One of the things I like about cross stitch is that it is pretty easy to pick up and put down. Once you have the pattern and the thread, you can do it almost anywhere, do it for hours, or not do it for weeks. It is right there waiting for you whenever you get back to it. Because of this, I have lots of choices of what to stitch. I have taken to stitching one pattern for a week and then putting it away to work on something else. This way, I don't get bored with the same thing over time. Each of these is a week's worth of work on a particular pattern. The one on the left has large sections in one color, which can get pretty old (although it is perfect to do while on the phone or watching tv). I can slug through the monotonous parts, though, because I know that next week I can work on something else. I can keep myself inspired to stitch by giving myself choices and options.

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