Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Inspired by... silence

Church this past week was focused on "peace." One portion of the service was a video about noise - how much constant noise there is around us vs. the still small "voice" of God.

I was pleased to note that I enjoy a little more silence than some - I rarely listen to the radio in the car or in the office. And I am really okay with the idea of less TV in my life. There are days when I avoid my email (it builds up, which means more hassle later, but there are times when I am okay with NOT being available). I try to keep the computer/internet in its proper place - remembering it is a tool and not a vital appendage.

There are still very few moments, though, when I acknowledge the silence - where I let it fill me and feed my spirit. This week I hope to embrace more silence in my life.

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