Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inspired by.... volunteering

Last weekend I had to speak at church about a ministry I co-lead with a friend. In my announcement, I was asking for additional volunteers for our ministry - Angel Food Ministries. We had 6 people express interest in joining us, and I was so thankful for their willingness to volunteer.

In the church bulletin, the church food pantry was asking for additional volunteers because the need for their services has grown.

Our church has opened a Community Center this week. They are also looking for volunteers to mentor children on a weekly basis. They have used a large number of volunteers over the past couple months just to get the building ready for this week. And our use of the Center is going to continue to grow in the coming months.

I was also approached by a group called In2Books. This group links adults to elementary school students. The mentor and the student read 5 books together through the course of the year and share emails about the books. I am signing up this week to be a mentor with them.

I am encouraged and challenged and stretched by my volunteer activities at church, home, and school. I am inspired by others who volunteer along side me and those who volunteer for things that don't fit my gifts and interests. We all have something to share - something to give. Where can you volunteer today?

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