Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inspired by... people

Last week I met author Deborah Zarka Miller when she came to speak to my writing club students about her book A Star for Robbins Chapel. Deborah was a delight to have in class. She was engaging and approachable with my students (and they were well behaved and attentive - I was so proud). They crowded around her after club for her autograph and to show her some of their own writing.

Listening to Mrs. Miller was inspiring to me. She talked about writing over breaks from school and it made me want to dig into something over Christmas break this year. I was inspired by her perseverance in getting the story told, even though it took years of writing over weekends and school breaks. I was inspired by her passion for digging into a partial story this winter that she hasn't worked with in several years.

I have read the first chapter or two of Deborah's book and enjoyed it. Some of my students had heard the entire story, and they all reported enjoying it as well. Check out Deborah's website and A Star for Robbins Chapel.

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