Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful for... Legos

Such a simple toy, around for ages. Legos are the toy-of-choice at our home on every gift-giving holiday (and any random day, really). I have noticed that now Legos are packaged more as specific sets/figures rather than the box of random pieces (although those are still available). I think the sets can be skewed a little toward male builders over females, but the company seems to be working on that.

I love the imagination that can be engaged by Legos - either in the building of an item, or the play that comes after an item is constructed. I know of classrooms that have time during the school week when the whole class spends time building. I think it would be fascinating to research what skills and brain areas are tapped and stretched when kids dig into a box of Legos. 

Legos engage the imagination and can provide hours of entertainment - and I am thankful for them.

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