Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Year in Review - Part 2

For the last several years I have tried to pick a theme word/phrase for the year. In 2007, I chose "balance." In 2008 it was "Lord of All." In 2009 I focused on a list of words - laugh, teach, move, create, learn, pray, write, play, hug, save, read, sing, listen and remember - things I wanted more of in my life.

As I started to consider 2010, though, I couldn't remember my word! That did not bode well for me. If I couldn't remember it, it was highly likely I didn't reflect on it, much less make it part of my experience for the year.

I think one reason I don't remember it is that I created no tangible reminder of it. The first two yeras I made scrapbook pages. I can picture them in my mind. I know exactly what they look like. In 2009, I stitched the words on a pillow. 2010? Nothing.

Turns out the word was SAVOR. Good choice, but I only recorded it here on this blog and then "poof," it was gone.

What I've learned
When I make something, the concept is better cemented in my mind - the time spent, the visual memory, the thought during creation, make a difference.

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