Saturday, May 14, 2011

My favorite notebook

I am a notebook fanatic. Yes, fanatic.

These are some of the notebooks I encounter each week, if not every day:

  • Small Vera Bradley "Pocket Pals" in Boysenberry - for scriptures that are speaking to me or that I want to memorize
  • Yellow, single-subject spiral - blog and essay drafts
  • Small re-covered (camping paper) spiral blank journal - book reviews by month (this is actually my 3rd notebook for book reviews)
  • Boynton calendar/notebook - blog schedule
  • Large spiral blank book with black cover - self-discovery and personal mission statement workbook
  • A second large spiral blank book - inspiration book (pictures from magazines, notes, etc)
  • Spiral-bound blank journal  - "The January Book" - my journal (It's call the January book because I am usually better about writing in a journal in January than I am any other time of year!)
  • Red, single-subject spiral - character analysis from a favorite series of books
  • Small Vera Bradley journal (Simply Violet) - My book book where I track what new books are being released when.
  • Set of three spiral notebooks - I use these to record the titles of books I would like to read some time (actually, this is the second set of three books I have created. The first set is full. There's one book for adult fiction, one for non-fiction and one for children's and young adult books)

See what I mean? I am crazy about notebooks. Want to buy me a present? You can't go wrong with a notebook!

But my favorite notebook right now is a small, lined journal covered with purple floral material. I don't even remember where I found it, but I wish I did so I could buy more for the future.

I love this notebook because it has come to represent a snapshot of my life. This is the notebook where I jot quotes or websites or Bible verses I come across that I don't want to lose track of or that speak to me at that moment. I write down nutrition information, recipes, writer guidelines for magazines, and encouraging thoughts for the day. I write down blog or essay ideas. 

This little book is my memory - my archive - of life today. I don't know what I would do without it.

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