Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inspired by .... mission (part 1)

I am a woman on a quest. I find myself repeatedly in the position of having taken on too many things and wishing I hadn't - of wondering why I said yes - of wishing I would have learned the last time.

I have decided that a good "next step" is to develop a personal mission statement. I want something simple that I can use as a guide when I make choices for where to invest my energy and how to spend my time. I am hopeful that 5 years from now  (a) I will look back on this time as one of significant self-discovery and (b) that I will be living in the fruits of this labor, passionate about the things I am doing, connected to myself once again.

Toward that end, I am reading two books that are inspiring me toward this process.

Life is a Verb is something I read about at Women on Writing. The interview inspired me to run to the library and check out the book. After reading the introduction, I ordered it immediately so I could scribble in it and underline and highlight to my heart's content. I have not been disappointed with my purchase! The premise is what would you do if you had 37 days to live? Not a revolutionary question - people ask it all the time (although maybe not with the odd "37" number of days). The idea, though, is to live your "everyday" life in such a way that your answer to the question is that you would continue to live your life as you already are. There are quotes and exercises to keep me thinking and to draw me further in to the journey. I am loving it.

Come back Saturday and I'll share about the other resource I am using. 

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