Thursday, January 6, 2011

Craft day = "epic fail"

Every year my son and I try to do a craft day to honor my mother who was a very crafty person.

In the past we have had painting days, made gingerbread houses, made pictures with our fingerprints, and just generally made a crafty mess. These days are great fun (in fact, we do them more often than once a year).

This year, we saw this fun cookie kit in the Christmas section at a local store. The cookies were pre-cut in a cute penguin shape and came with four colors of icing. Perfect size for a crafty afternoon.

What we discovered is (a) the frosting was almost impossible to spread, (b) the spaces to decorate were too fussy and small to do well, and (c) the cookies didn't taste very good.

Thankfully, we took this failure in stride, did our best to decorate, showed them to my husband when he got home and then promptly threw them out. Hated that we wasted that money, but we made an effort and learned a lesson - painting day is much cheaper and simpler and we always love it!

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