Saturday, January 15, 2011

A New Year of Inspiration

One of my facebook friends posted a new event recently - A New Year of Inspiration. [If you are on facebook, you can find the link for this public event here.]

His description says: 

"A friend once inspired me to dance in the rain, now I hope to pass it on.

Last year I went back to school. This year I packed up family and moved to Indonesia to work at a school. What will I do next year? What will you do next year? Take a moment, now that the holiday season has passed and take one small step in the direction of something new and exciting in your life. Then share it on facebook, with this group, on your profi
le, or with just one friend.

How will the world be better off next year, because of who you are and what YOU will DO!? Go back to school, mow the neighbors lawn, get a "crazy" new hair cut, start walking to work, take a trip to a new country, make a new friend at school or work, write a book, or a blog, write an encouraging note on facebook once a week, pray for the president, send care packages to a missionary, write a letter to your congressman, volunteer to read to kids, volunteer to read at the nursing-home, kiss your mom everyday for a month...

Pass it on and share

I am inspired - not sure what I will do with this, but I definitely wanted to "pass it on." This is part of the delightful freshness of a new year! New inspiration - opportunities for change!

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