Tuesday, February 8, 2011

iPad Book Apps

I love all things books - book reviews, discovering new books in favorite series 4 months before they are going to be released, libraries, magazines about books... You get the idea.

I have discovered three fun apps for the iPad that are book related.

The first is the Monster at the End of this Book app. This is based on one of my favorite children's books. You can go here to see what the app looks like and here to see a YouTube walk through of the app. In the app, Grover reads the book and the reader gets to enjoy some interactive elements (like knocking down a wall). It is just darling! 

Next up is another app based on a favorite picture book - Wild About Books. You can go here to see a little video of the app and here to read a detailed review with screen shots. The original book is fantastic and I love seeing it brought so well to the iPad. 

Finally, there's an app based on the darling book How Rocket Learned to Read. You can go here to see what it looks like. Isn't Rocket cute?

I would recommend all 3 apps to parents of kids under 10 - fun, interactive time together, and I think they can encourage kids to check out more books like these (Grover's book as a sequel and Judy Sierra and Tad Hills have written lots of other titles kids will enjoy.)

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