Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life Long Learning

I am crazy about school. I love the fresh start that a school year brings. I love school supplies. I love learning new things. I have been dreaming about some new learning opportunities in my life.

Writer Mama, Christina Katz, offers writing classes through her website/blog. I am looking at the Writing and Publishing the Small Stuff Class. I would also like to take the Personal Essays class she offers which is taught by Abigail Green. The classes aren't cheap, but I have been thinking about taking one for so long, I'm starting to think it is time to get off my butt and just do it.

I used to take online scrapbooking classes at Big Picture all the time. I had some great experiences in those classes. But life got busier and I did less scrapbooking and haven't taken any classes in awhile. But I have started looking at their class lists again. There's a class that goes with Ali Edwards' One Little Word. There's another one about emotional wellness that is intriguing, too. 

I received a flier in the mail recently about self-paced graduate classes from a local university. I loved looking through the course catalog, circling classes like The Adolescent Brain, Learning Differences: Effective Teaching with Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences, and  Teaching Beginning (K-3rd) and Developing (4th-6th) Readers. 

I'm not sure if any of these courses are in my future, but I think it is clear that I am at a place where I am craving some new challenges and new learning opportunities!

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