Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project Life - My Way

For a long time, I was fascinated by the idea of Becky Higgins' scrapbooking system called Project Life. But I wasn't sure about the cost involved. But this winter I decided to take the plunge. 

The "system" includes a binder, divided page protectors and color coordinated cards like the ones shown in the picture above (purchased separately). They come in a box like this (one box per pattern, so you only get one box at a time):

The cards are mostly for journalling - for telling your story.

Most people use the system to document a week per set of pages. That didn't appeal to me. To start using the system, I decided to do a month per layout. I went through my 2011 pictures and set them in pages just to block out the sections. Some months there are hardly any pictures so those only have a single page. Some months had more vacation-y type pictures that could be a page or two on their own which nicely balanced the smaller months.

A couple hours of just sliding pictures into slots, I started feeling reconnected to the creative side of myself. I have a lot more to do - trim pictures to fit in the smaller slots, mat my photos because I have them printed as "true digital" so they aren't 6 inches long, and I have to do the journalling. And I'm looking forward to digging into my creative side again. So far I am thrilled with the system and the ways I can make it work for me.


  1. you may have convinced me to take the plunge... i think it's costly too, but you seem to make a good argument for its value. are you ordering them through CK?

  2. No, I got mine through Amazon.