Thursday, February 2, 2012

One Word - Update

At the beginning of the year I planned to use "Finish" as my word for the year, but a couple weeks in I decided to change it to "Savor."

This has been a timely word - one I have thought about using before. But this year, the timing was right.

In my Stacy Julian class, Twelve, last Thursday, she talked about "everyday life," and specifically about scrapbooking it in all it's chaotic, real glory. Taking pictures and recording the details of the regular days. Pasta dinner every Monday. Laundry day. What the kitchen table looks like when you don't have company coming over.

I wrote this down from her weekly video: "Life isn't perfect. Ever. The more aware you are of the ordinary, the better you can get at appreciating it and adjusting your expectations to reality, and the more you can be satisfied."



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