Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Don't Wanna

When you're a kid, you are at the mercy of the adults around you. If a parent or teacher asks you to do something, you better hop to or suffer the consequences.

When you're a teenager, you start to wonder why adults get to be in charge. The eye-rolls, the push-back and the attitude that tend to come with the teen years often kick in because of a power struggle. Who gets to be in charge of the teen's life?

Being an adult is a pretty good gig. Sure, most adults have a boss who can tell them what to do, but otherwise, adults usually get to make their own decisions. We get to do what we want.

Sometimes, though, as adults we have to exercise our maturity because we know there are things we should do even though they aren't the things we want to do. Right now I have a long list of things I don't want to do. My dear husband is trying to be helpful by saying things like, "When are you going to make that phone call." In a little voice, I mumble, "I don't wanna."

Real mature, huh? I know I sound like a four-year-old. I feel like a four-year-old when I say it. I almost wish I had a parent standing there saying, "You need to do these things today, young lady." {At my age, someone saying "young lady" has some appeal to it.} But, I have to suck it up and act my age. I am a grown up. I have to make myself do the unpleasant things because they need to be done. I know I'll feel better once they are addressed and behind me. Taking that first step is difficult.

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