Thursday, May 31, 2012

SAVOR: Endings

This week wraps up my first year as an elementary librarian.

This week, the first group of students I taught at this school are graduating from 6th grade and moving on to middle school.

This week is the first anniversary of the death of my dad.


That's a lot of endings. I'm not big on endings. I'm a much better starter than finisher. I get 2/3 of the way through a big project , like moving, or a major cleaning or painting project and I get bored and I'm ready to move on to what's next. One of my regrets about my time with Dad last year is that I was so focused on what was coming next and the dread and the "what about...?" questions that I didn't really engage with him as much as I wish I had. I wasn't in the moment. That 's what this SAVOR business is all about. I'm going to try to walk through the endings that are coming this week and really be aware of them - soak up time with my students, leave my to do list and library business in the library when I am with them. We'll see how reality lines up with my good intentions!

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