Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Library Purge

Here it is! My library space, in mid-purge. The cabinets are beautiful and big, and I barely used them last year because they were full of things I either didn't know I had or didn't need. One whole cabinet was full of old National Geographics and other magazines the students would use for a poster project on the Dewey Decimal system and non-fiction organization... a project my students begged me to skip this year. Those are now gone. Another cabinet had two shelves stacked with construction paper. The unopened packages alone were over a foot tall when I stacked them up. I maybe used 30 pieces of construction paper all year last year. Now I'm down to a more politely-sized stack.

I also had scads of classroom sets of books in the library itself. Most people didn't know they were there or what was available. Now I am moving those into the library office. I hope to bar code their boxes so I can check out the set when someone wants them. I want to label each cabinet so that I know what I have where. I would love to have the office set up as a resource room for teachers. I can hardly wait to have it done.

Meanwhile, the library itself is a pit. There are boxes and stacks of books everywhere. I have to keep reminding myself that it is only temporary. I'll get it all put away again soon.

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