Saturday, June 2, 2012


I have a confession to make.

On Memorial Day, I didn't post a book review on my other blog. I put up some generic post about the holiday, but that isn't really why I didn't post. On Sunday evening, when I was supposed to be blogging, I was on Pinterest.

Shocking, huh?

If you aren't familiar with Pinterest, it is the latest thing in social media. You "pin" pictures to virtual bulletin boards so you can keep track of things you like, recipes you want to try, crafts you want to do, things you want to buy, ideas you want to try, etc. and it is completely addicting. Not only do you pin things you come across online that are interesting to you, but you also become friends with folks and can see what they post and you can get ideas from them.

If you are a teacher, or just an idea junkie, I think you would love Pinterest. I also think it is fun for visual people. Frankly, if I could only do one form of social media, I'd give up Facebook and Twitter and just play on Pinterest!

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