Saturday, June 30, 2012

Things I Love Right Now: Bowling

For our year end teacher work day, we were told there would be a breakfast meeting and that we needed to bring a pair of socks. When we walked into the gym that morning, there were a few tables up, but not set for food. I started to wonder if the socks were going to be for throwing!

But no, we were loaded into the buses and taken on a surprise trip to a local bowling alley. An anonymous donor paid to feed us and let us bowl for the morning.

I am not a bowler. When we take our son, I usually just watch. But I wanted to be a good sport, so I got some shoes and laced up. And I had a great time. I was easily the worst bowler in our group, but it wasn't a competitive bunch, so it was okay for me to be bad.

In fact, I had such a good time, I came home and signed our son up with He gets two free games of bowling every day for the summer. For $25, my husband and I can get two games a day as well. We only have to pay for shoes. It's a fantastic program! I am so glad we signed up this year. We can bowl our games in an hour or so, so we can work at school in the morning and bowl in the afternoon.

Check it out - its a steal!

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