Saturday, September 29, 2012

Myers-Briggs/Book Reviews

 Thursday I posted about my recent Saturday at a local Children's Literature Festival.

Being with other book people was a great opportunity for me to hear information that validates one of my theories about readers - and book reviewers. One of the woman at our lunch table was sharing a story about another librarian who read voraciously and could remember details - and page numbers - from everything she read. The woman telling the story said when she reads a book, she can remember impressions from what she read or impressions of what she liked and didn't like, but never the details.

Another one of my passions is Myers-Briggs personality type. I have a theory that people who have an "S" in their personality type are the ones who remember the book details and folks who have an "N" have more impressions about what they read rather than the details. I thought it would be a little awkward to ask this stranger at the lunch table about her personality type, but I did think this conversation could fit perfectly into my theory! I struggle with coming up the details when I review a book - I know what I like, but pinning down the exact things I liked can be difficult. (I am an "N") A comparison of my husband's reviews a couple months ago and my regular ones seems to validate this theory. I think it's fascinating.

I do love when my passions collide!

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