Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ten Apps I Love

This is the last in my series of list posts. I should be back to regular posting on Thursday. This one highlights apps I am enjoying right now.

  • Dictionary.com - I use this a lot at school to look up how something is spelled if it isn't in the student dictionary or when I do my own writing.
  • Book Crawler - I discovered this when I did a search for book apps. I haven't really dug into it completely, so at this point I love it in principle. You are supposed to be able to keep track of your book library on it. If it actually does what I want it to once I use it more regularly, I'll be sure to rave about it.
  • Stack the States - this is an educational game I downloaded for my son. You answer questions (state shape, capitals, landmarks) and earn states. It really helped him when his class was learning the states.
  • Solitaire - there are bunches of different solitaire options on iTunes, but my favorite is the one from Tri-Peaks where the cards are set in different shapes, with cards layered on one another, and you have to clear the field. Awesome!
  • Kindle - I own a Nook, but it is super handy to have the Kindle app so I can jump on free books I read about on Twitter or Facebook. I also had a chance to read an author's upcoming book and she had free Kindle copies to distribute. She emailed it to me and I was able to download it on my phone/iPad
  • IMDB - I use this all the time to figure out voices in animated shows/movies and other actors I see and go, "I know this person from somewhere!"
  • Paperless - this is the to do list app I found that I was able to make work for electronic notes as well as my book shopping lists. It's not perfect, but it works better than anything else I have found.
  • Chicktionary - my SIL asked me to play Words with Friends. I stink at it! So I searched for other word games I could play and I found this one. There are two ways to play with time limits and goals, but the basic idea is you get 7 chickens, each with a letter, and you try to make as many words with those letters as you can. Love it!!
  • Scramble - When I mentioned on FB that I was playing WWF even though I stink, someone suggested I try Scramble. I still lose frequently, but I have a fighting chance on this one at least.
  • Lego Harry Potter - I don't have much time to play this because you get locked into a stage and need to finish it so it saves and you don't lose your progress. But I enjoy gathering studs and tackling the tasks.

Have you played any of these? Have any app suggestions for me?

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