Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Year. Same God.

I saw this thought posted on a church sign recently, and it really captured my attention. No matter what season of life you or I are in, God is the same.

God is the same for my friends who finalized their adoption of two children at the end of 2012 as He is for another friend who has chosen to give up her business and home here in the states to live in Africa with the baby she is adopting while she waits for the powers that be to finalize her adoption (a process that has had a slew of road blocks so far).

God is the same for my friends who are celebrating healing in the bodies of their family members and for other friends who have had to say a final goodbye to their parents in the last month or so.

God is the same when I am feeling complete joy or contentment with my life as He is when I am railing at Him for trials and seemingly unfair circumstances.

There is comfort in the unchangeableness (how's that for a word?) of God. I can count on Him to be the same yesterday, today and forever.

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