Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shine On

"Like light in a closed pot, showing through the cracks, God works through our imperfections."
~ Joyce Meyer, A Confident Woman devotional app, January 5, 2012

As I have mentioned before, I am an only child, and I come by my perfectionism honestly. This quote is very comforting to me as I get older and realize how futile perfectionism is.

I read a book once, about childhood memories and how they shape us. The author suggests the reader examine how he/she would finish this sentence: "I only matter when ...." My answer is "when I get things right." I hate failing and I hate making mistakes. I get stressed out at school because I want to have the "right" plan, the "perfect" plan right now. I want to have the big picture already figured out. But that's ridiculous - I haven't even been in my job for 2 years and the dynamics of classes and students are changing all the time.

This idea of God, shining through the "cracks" in my not-so-perfect plans, is a comforting reminder - one I probably need to stitch on a pillow or something so I will practice it until it becomes part of the fabric of me.

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