Thursday, January 28, 2010

52 Qualities of Prosperous Writers - Quality #4 is Service

I have been blogging about Christina Katz' 52 Qualities of Prosperous Writers since the first of the year. This week's quality is Service.

Her description of service is two-fold. There is the service you provide to others - things like following through on commitments, giving people clear expectations, etc. There is also the service you provide to yourself - rest, balance, reasonable expectations, and grace when you (inevitably) screw up. 

I come by my perfectionism honestly - I'm an only child. And for me that perfectionism takes two forms. Either I don't try things because I know I can't get them just right or I kick myself over and over and over again when I get things wrong. 

For me, the first part of the description is "easy" - it comes more naturally. It is good business and good manners. The second part - balance and grace - takes more work

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