Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fantasy Football Wrap Up

2005: 3rd Place
2006: 7th Place
2007: 2nd Place
2008: 5th Place

I think I am finally ready to talk about my Fantasy Football season. Do you see the pattern? In our league, I finished in third place our first year. We had a small league that year - only eight teams. It's not hard to field a strong team with only eight managers. But as a football novice, and the only female manager, I was pleased with my finish.

2006 was a weak year - seventh place. I just couldn't get into any sort of rhythm with my team. But in 2007, I made it to the final game - the championship. I just couldn't hold on for a win. Second place.

2008 started well. I was in first place for eight weeks of the season. I thought I had a chance. But the playoffs killed me. I had the highest points for the league over the whole season, but could only bring home fifth place.

I noticed a pattern - good year (3rd), crummy year, good year (2nd), crummy year. If the pattern held, I would be winning it all in 2009. I even considered retiring after my win and taking over the draft for my husband so he could focus his energy that day on his team. And I had a good season. I won the "Blowout of the Week" seven times, including a four game run from weeks 12 through 15. I finished the regular season in second place. I did well in the playoffs and made it to the championship game.

If you follow football, you might remember some news and controversy during week 16 of the regular season. My Packers had a great game that week (48-10 over Seattle). In fact, they were doing so well that they pulled their starters, including my star Fantasy Football quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, before the end of the game. That was fine - actually, a pretty classy move by the team when others in the league try to stuff every score down the throats of their opponent, even when they have solidly won the game (*cough* Vikings *cough*).

The Colts also played that day... well, sort of. They were in the middle of an undefeated season but decided to "save" their starters for the playoffs, so they pulled them early in the game against the Jets. The boos rang long and loud that afternoon. If you listened closely, though, you might have heard a sorrowful wail above it all. 

That was me. I lost my Fantasy Football championship game by six points. Six. A number easily overcome by any of the guys who were pulled before the end of their game. My "pattern" didn't work at all. I finished in second place.

I guess if the good year-bad year pattern holds, I'm in for another low finishing year for 2010. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed for 2011.

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