Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year's tradition

One of our New Year's traditions is to print a 20x30 poster with pictures highlighting our year. I first did this in 2007, which was a super busy year of concerts and vacations and events. It was a great year to document in a large format that anyone could see when they came to the house. 2008 and 2009 weren't years with huge events, but the idea of savoring each year for what it brings seemed like a great one. 

I print my posters through Snapfish. I can chose up to 30 pictures from my uploaded pictures, chose my text, font, background color and size of border. This year they even added a feature where you can keep shuffling the pictures until you get a layout you like. My first layout had the peacock picture taking up a good bit of one side of the poster. I thought it was beautiful, but it wasn't the best representation of our year, so I shuffled it around a few times. 

If you are organized enough to have your pictures all uploaded right after Christmas, you can usually take advantage of year end coupons or special pricing to get a better deal on the poster. One this large isn't cheap.


  1. love it. might try it. let me know if you see a good snapfish coupon come through email for the poster print. what's the shipping like on this bad boy?
    -- Joy

  2. Shipping and Handling was only $3, which isn't bad.