Thursday, February 18, 2010

Editorial Calendar

I read several blogs that talk about - of all things - blogging and social media. I like ProBlogger (I get it emailed to me every day - the layout is a little hard for me to follow), Copyblogger, and Chris Brogan among others.

One of the tips I came across this year to help organize blogging is to use an editorial calendar. This helps the blogger plan topics to cover and helps combat the "I don't know what to write about" syndrome that inevitably strikes us all.

This tip made me feel pretty good because I had already implemented something like that.

I tried to use a spreadsheet to keep track of what books I already covered on my book review blog. But that system wasn't working well for me. So, this year I bought a $1 calendar at Target and color coded the month for the three blogs at I had at the time (I cut back to two this month). 

The store bought calendar is where I record what I blogged about for a particular day. Then I also use a Google calendar, printed off my computer, to check off what entries are done so I know what I need to fill in next.

I am feeling more organized - more in charge - in my blogging than I did last year when I was scrambling to stay on top of things.

So, how do you organize for your blogging? How do you plan what to write about or keep track of topics you've already done?

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