Thursday, February 25, 2010

These Days - Part 2

As I said Tuesday, my new part time job has led me to question everything I was doing with my time. 

  • Do I still want to be a writer? If so, what does that look like now that I am working regularly? If not, what do I do with all the things I have been doing for the last few years? Some of my goals for the new year were about writing and submitting. What do I do with those now?
  • Can I keep up with two blogs? Can I keep up with the reading required to blog about books four days a week? Do I have enough to say here on this blog?
  • I follow a lot of blogs, and get a lot of them sent to me through email - things mostly about writing and blogging. Can I keep up with all of those? Do I even need to? Are they all worth the time I spend on them or the space they take up in email folders and web bookmarks?
  • I love to be crafty, but lately I have become more of a collector of supplies than an actual crafter. And that was before I was working every day. What do I do now that my free time is limited to a few hours every evening after my son goes to bed?
I am still working through these questions. I figure the first few weeks of a new job are no time to make choices like these. I am still learning the job (which I am thoroughly enjoying - but that is a topic for another blog) and taking care of the responsibilities I had already committed to at my son's school. These other questions will sort themselves out over the next few months. 

But it still feels funny to have these things that seemed so important a few weeks ago become "optional" all of a sudden.

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