Friday, February 5, 2010

The Secrets of My Success - Part 5, Putting It all Together

Okay, let's apply all of these tips and tricks to real life.

A few weeks ago, one of our local stores was running a 10 for $10 deal on Hamburger Helper. My regular store charges $1.50. So, if I got 10 boxes at my regular store (something I wouldn't generally do), it would cost me $15. By shopping at this other store, I got them for $10.

On top of that, I had three coupons for Hamburger Helper - two were for $.75 off three boxes and one was for $1 off three. I could have just gotten 9 boxes, so each box was "useful" for something. But the store was offering to give me the 11th box for free if I bought 10, and also wanted to give me 70 bonus Box Tops for Education.

So, in all I bought 11 boxes of Hamburger Helper ($16.50 at my regular store) for $7.50. Hamburger Helper lasts a long time in my pantry, so stocking up was a good deal. I also got $8.10 in box tops for our school

Here's another example that doesn't involve stocking up:

The regular price for a box of oatmeal at my regular store is $2.64. I didn't know that off the top of my head; I found it on a receipt. But I did know that it was over $2, so when another store was offering oatmeal for $1.88 a box, I knew it was a good deal. In addition to that, the store sent me one coupon in the mail that week - for $1 off a box of oatmeal. So, I got that box of oatmeal for $.88.

I haven't even touched on the stores that offer double coupons! The same day I was buying Hamburger Helper, I had a coupon in my envelope for $.50 off two bags of Chex Mix. I planned to buy them at my regular store, which was my next stop. As I carried all of my HH through the store, I noticed a display with Chex Mix for $.97. I didn't know what the regular price was at my store, but I was guessing around $1.50. I could get two bags for $1.94. With my $.50 off coupon, it was $1.44, giving me both bags for around what I would have paid for one at the regular store.  What a deal! But when I checked out, the store doubled my $.50 coupon. I walked out with both bags for Chex Mix for $.94 (and two more box tops).

I hope this has been helpful for you - I'd love to hear what you've taken from this series to help you in your own efforts to save money!

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