Thursday, April 22, 2010

Undercover Boss - part 2

Rule #2 from Undercover Boss - Recognize people's gifts and what they bring to the company.

Not only do employers need to stay connected to their front line people, but they need to acknowledge what those folks do. When the bosses on the show would do their "reveal" at the end, and tell the people they worked with who they really were, they would often say how great those people were and do something special for them - send them to training, give them new responsibilities, mentor them in career development, etc. The people's faces would light up. They would say, time and again, how much it meant to them that someone noticed what they did and thought it mattered.

So, recognize people - let them know you notice the work they are doing. They will want to keep it up to get your attention again.

So, have you worked for someone who did this well? Or did it poorly?

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