Saturday, April 24, 2010

Undercover Boss - part 3

The final rule from Undercover Boss is this - increase opportunities and increase loyalty.

Keeping connected to your people and recognizing their work will go far toward fostering loyalty in your employees. Add to that opportunities for them to grow, to share their expertise with others, to be seen as a leader, and you will add to that loyalty. 

Why should you always be the one to be the leader? To be the example? Let your staff share something they do well. If someone is good at building customer relationships, video tape her and show it to the group, or have her role play it. If someone is good at organizing information, change his responsibilities so that he can use those skills to the benefit of your organization. Offer training or mentoring opportunities to develop latent skills in your employees.

So tell me about a time when you had new opportunities at work. What difference did it make in your morale?

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